Digital Agencies

Digital agencies have clients who are looking for incremental revenue opportunities and performance-based advertising. This is where iAffiliate Management can help.

Why Chose Our Digital Content Program

Expertise In Many Industries

While most people within your company have some expertise on some areas, it is impossible for all of your employees to have a stronghold on all of your client industries. We build and create teams that write and study a particular industry utilizing their expertise for your benefit.

Increased Revenue

Partnering with iAffiliateManagement helps agencies upsell to their clients by creating content and campaigns based on your client’s specific needs. Quality content can be sold for 2 – 3x more utilizing iAffiliateManagement services.

Accurate Turnaround Times

Freelance writers can be prone to missing deadlines. We build and manage your client’s writing team to promote reliable and consistent marketing.

Time Savings

Time is of the essence when recruiting and maintaining quality client relationships. Writing effective content is time consuming. By utilizing iAffiliateManagement’s solutions, you can focus on creating content that sells.

The iAffiliate Management Program Is

  • Fast to Market – We already have the experts in your client’s field! Work begins immediately with little ‘down’ time to learn the industry.
  • Optimized for You – We use our industry knowledge to optimize your client’s style and message.
  • Focused – Creating effective content to optimize your client’s digital footprint to enhance their SEO efforts.
  • Flexible – From white paper to website to press release, we manage, create and produce the written content you need.
  • Scalable – We boast a turnaround time of 5 days to provide the most efficient and effective content for your timeline.
  • Cost Effective – Save money and increase results with our expert team of writers. Whether in-house or freelance, we aim to give you what you need at the budget you provide.