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Here’s what customers have to say about their experience working with iAffiliate Management

“iAffiliate Management has been instrumental in our growth. From strategy development to tactical execution, they efficiently tackle challenges presented and help drive our partners to their maximum potential by engaging them with our technology. Simply put, iAffiliate Management is just really great to work with.”

Director of Affiliate Marketing | Groupon


“iAffiliate Management and their team of carefully selected affiliate marketing specialists were able to quickly assess our program, provide immediate and measurable strategies for improvement and operationalize the plan with little direct involvement from us. They took the time to understand our business objectives, both short- and long-term, embraced our vision for how affiliate marketing folded into the broader marketing strategy and offered valuable insight throughout the process.”

Sr. Director, Consumer Marketing | myFICO


“ABBYY is extremely pleased with the affiliate program management solution offered by iAffiliate Management. Our revenues from affiliates have exceeded our baseline goals and we have every indication that we’ll continue to grow the program and increase the importance of this channel going forward.“



“iAffiliate Management has been extremely successful in recruiting affiliates and building this revenue channel. We appreciate their responsiveness and focus as well as their marketing savvy and experience in our segment. We count on iAffiliate Management as a key partner.”

Director of Marketing | Internet Retailer Top 500 Brand


“iAffiliate Management has played a critical role in helping us grow our Affiliate Channel and is one of our most valued business partnerships. Since we have three online divisions, our needs are complex, and iAffiliate has done a phenomenal job of managing those complexities.”

CMO | Internet Retailer Top 500 Brand